Monday, June 26, 2006

Last Few Hours in Chicago

I didn't sleep well last night.

Mostly nerves and worrying about Boat and our roommate driving the 16 foot truck to New York.

I spoke with him this morning and they are somewhere in Pennsylvania, 500 out of 800 miles to NYC.

My flight leaves in about 3 and a half hours. My ride will be here in about an hour.

I still need to feed the cat and slip him half of a Benedryl so he'll be calm on the plane.

Other than that, I have a small duffle bag filled with pajamas, a toothbrush and my purse.

The weather there is cloudly, high of 79.

Unloading shouldn't be TOO bad, except for the fact that we're on the fourth floor of a five floor walk-up.

But once the truck is returned and we start unpacking, I'll feel better.

I'm happy that I got to see most of my friends before I left.

And those I didn't, emailed or called to wish me luck.

It was also good to see my brother and say goodbye to my dad.

Mom is actually meeting us today to help unpack and watch the truck.

It's at this moment I'm so very grateful to her and to our roommate for helping us.

There is just no way Boat and I could have done this ourselves.

And I'm thankful to Boat, because I would have never been able to get up and move without him.

The blog will be changing soon. Email me at: in a few days, and hopefully I'll have a new link.

Keep in touch.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Missing This

I'll be leaving in a few hours.

No more of this place after three years.

I feel rather indifferent. I mean, I know I will miss some of my co-workers. The ones who made it tolerable to be here. The ones that made me laugh. The ones who let me vent. The ones who became my friends.

On the otherhand, I won't miss all of the bullshit. I won't miss the politics. And I won't miss certain people.

On top of this, I'm excited about starting over. Even if we are creatures of habit...even if I end up with some 9-5 job in the same industry and I come home to my boyfriend and my cat, it's still new and different. Maybe not better or more thrilling...just not the same.

So as I throw things away and say my goodbyes, I have to admit: I'm not all that sad.

Damn You NPR!!!

Around 10 p.m. or so, I like to head back to the bedroom to settle in for the night.

Since the T.V. in Boat's room only picks up the local stations, my choices are limited.

Sex and the City was over, so I found myself watching a documentary on WTTW.

It was about kids with cancer.

What I love about public television is how they do their best to present a story in its truest form. They do it by filming people being themselves, expressing their emotions and not having someone with a microphone coaxing out answers. It's footage of real people in real situations.

Most of these shows make me cry. I mean, what's more sad than children dying of cancer? What is more heart wrenching than watching a group of dedicated nurses and doctors telling the child's mother that he may not make it through the night, and would she be willing to agree they not resuscitate him if he stops breathing?

Not a whole helluva lot.

So that's why I say "damn them"...because I love their style, yet feel so depressed after watching.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Never Can Say Goodbye

I didn't realize how much I suck at saying "goodbye" until recently.

I guess it's mostly because even though we are moving quite far, it's not as though I'm never going to see these people again.

It's more of a defense mechanism, a way to reassure myself that even though I won't be living in the same city as my friends, it's more of a "see you later" than a "goodbye".

Is this the last time you're going to see me? Sure..for several months maybe. And yeah, that makes me pretty sad. But I don't want YOU to be sad about it...really!

Time flies and soon the holidays will be here and we'll get together and catch up and it'll be great.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Finish That Thought

I can't bring myself to write a complete post.

I haven't been sleeping well the past few days and I'm just out of it.

Here are topics I was going to bring up, but can't seem to expound on:

1) How annoyed I am that the Heat won the NBA Championship. Sidenote: I am not impressed by Dwayne Wade

2) I thought this week at work would be a breeze, and since it's not, it's making me even happier I only have 2 1/2 more days.

3) The pet carrier I had to buy in order to fit airline regulations is super tiny and I feel horrible that I have to cram Salem into it for the flight. I'm also concered I won't be able to coax him in there tomorrow for the vet. Also, if the vet thinks the carrier is too small, I won't be able to bring Salem with me because ATA won't take pets into the checked luggage/cargo area anymore, which will totally defeat the purpose of me flying.

4) I should be packing more, but just haven't. I need to get packing paper so I can wrap our kitchen items up. Actually, I think we're a lot further than I think we are so should probably stop worrying.

5) I'm trying to imagine what I'm going to do in the city while I'm indefinitely unemployed. It's pretty hard to walk around a metropolitan area without spending money, which I'm in no position to do.

6) I think my co-worker is getting sick, so I keep thinking I too am getting sick because I keep sneezing. It's probably just my allergies acting up.

7) I feel like going on vacation.

8) I'd like to point out everything that's wrong with the show "How To Get the Guy", but that would be admitting I watch it and should therefore feel like a hypocrite to air my complaints.

9) Key Lime or French Apple? The Baker's Square final slice of pie decision rages on.

10) Is it cool or not cool for English speaking artists to sing in another language? Like, is it offensive that Beck uses a lot of Spanish in Guero? Because I think it sounds good, but maybe I wouldn't if I were a Spanish speaker.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not Just Any Ol' Party

Several posts back I mentioned the person who hooked us up with our broker in NYC was my cousin's boyfriend's friend.

He seems really nice, as we have chatted on the phone, but we weren't able to meet him and his girlfriend back in May because our schedules didn't sync up.

Last night he sent me an email inviting us to a party, which we accepted and are awaiting details.

I'm kind of excited to have a social outing already lined up, but nervous, seeing as it, I've never met this guy and will obviously not know a single soul.

I know what I can expect when my friends here have parties. I'll usually recognize faces, or get a chance to talk with an acquaintence I haven't seen in awhile. I know what to wear (for the most part), and if I should bring something.

But this feels way out of my league. Mostly because I have no idea what kind of people are going to be there, and from what I do know, they seem quite social and "in the know".

When my cousin went to New York a few years ago, they went out with this guy and his girlfriend to expensive clubs, where they got in as VIP's and drank till the sun came up. I guess his girlfriend has some sort of media job that gets her in to all of the tres chic places.

This isn't exactly my scene and isn't really Boat's scene either.

I guess in my worst nightmare, we show up looking horribly Midwestern and awkward...kind of like John Cusack did in High Fidelity when he goes to the dinner party thrown by Catherine Zeta-Jones. And never get invited to another one of his parties again.

Though I suppose if we feel uncomfortable and out of place, we wouldn't be all that heartbroken over it anyway.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Binge and Purge

I actually packed a few things this weekend, mostly clothes and such. I'm fairly positive all I have left is kitchen and bathroom items. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

Boat loaded up tons of garbage bags for Goodwill, and there may be more.

I think we're both concerned that our stuff won't fit in the truck, but that's probably us being paranoid.

Right now, I'm fairly anxious and worried. Of course I'm excited about our move. But I won't feel comfortable until we're there and have settled in a bit.

There are still things going on this week, like Boat's cousin and her boyfriend staying with us two nights from Minneapolis to go to the Radiohead concert. I'm going to my favorite restaurant tomorrow with my cousin and aunt, trying hard to figure out exactly what I want to eat. Wednesday I'm doing an interview with a guy who's creating an independent film about Asian Americans in the media. Thursday I have to take Salem to the vet. Friday is up in the air, but I may have a drink after work. And Saturday my parents are having a going away party for us/graduation party for my brother.

Sunday we get the truck and start loading things up. I'll probably be packing up last minute items. Then Boat and our roommate will leave that night and I'll be meeting them on Monday.


Most other things have been taken care of. Boat set up our utilities. I spoke with our super and told him when we'd be there. We just have to page him and he'll bring us the keys. I should be getting the carrier that Salem has to stay in (and fit under the seat on the plane) tomorrow. I feel bad that he'll be couped up in it and hope he doesn't freak. We still need to figure out how to close our bank accounts. Yeah, not as easy as it sounds. And we have to set up accounts in NY.

Oh, and I still don't have a job! Ha ha.

For whatever reason, I go back and forth between being perfectly fine with that scenario and freaked the fuck out.

But! We are doing this! All of our plans over the past several months are finally coming to fruition. It's crazy, but it's great.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Art Impaired

I had a great time at A.'s Craft Night. Her mom is so creative and has great ideas for projects.

I didn't realize a memory box was a shadow box, so mine ended up looking fairly juvenile.

All of the other girls had really ornate boxes, and A.'s mom had an amazing one.

I was a little nervous to go, only because this time I didn't know any of A.'s other friends. But they were all funny, smart and nice, which I should have just expected.

It was nice meeting new people. I laughed a lot, and that's always a good sign.

I'm really going to miss this.