Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Friend

I recently sent out a large group email, letting everyone know that I am officially moving and giving them my new address.

One of the recepients was a girl I met in college, a foregin exchange student from Japan, named Fumi.

I took her under my wing, like a new little sister, or pet puppy. I wanted to take her out to eat, do things she was interested in seeing, and basically, taking care of her...which I'm sure she didn't actually need me to do.

She came home with me over the holiday, marveled over how huge our house was (not huge at all, but by Tokyo standards, probably seemed enormous), ate lots of rice and thanked my parents profusely for letting her stay with us.

There were probably many things about each of our personalities that couldn't be conveyed because of the slight language barrier. To her, I probably seemed extremely nice and out going all of the time, which we all know, isn't really true. And to me, she seemed kind of quiet and overly polite, which is more about where she came from, and less about who she really was as a person.

She actually replied to my email, which I was so happy to receive. She's in design school in Tokyo and will graduate in March. She's dating one of her classmates and is sharing a flat with a friend.

Unfortunately, we'll probably only be able to scratch the surface of one another's lives in emails and letters.

But I'm looking forward to perhaps having a pen pal after our move, since she provided a home address.


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