Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not Just Any Ol' Party

Several posts back I mentioned the person who hooked us up with our broker in NYC was my cousin's boyfriend's friend.

He seems really nice, as we have chatted on the phone, but we weren't able to meet him and his girlfriend back in May because our schedules didn't sync up.

Last night he sent me an email inviting us to a party, which we accepted and are awaiting details.

I'm kind of excited to have a social outing already lined up, but nervous, seeing as it, I've never met this guy and will obviously not know a single soul.

I know what I can expect when my friends here have parties. I'll usually recognize faces, or get a chance to talk with an acquaintence I haven't seen in awhile. I know what to wear (for the most part), and if I should bring something.

But this feels way out of my league. Mostly because I have no idea what kind of people are going to be there, and from what I do know, they seem quite social and "in the know".

When my cousin went to New York a few years ago, they went out with this guy and his girlfriend to expensive clubs, where they got in as VIP's and drank till the sun came up. I guess his girlfriend has some sort of media job that gets her in to all of the tres chic places.

This isn't exactly my scene and isn't really Boat's scene either.

I guess in my worst nightmare, we show up looking horribly Midwestern and awkward...kind of like John Cusack did in High Fidelity when he goes to the dinner party thrown by Catherine Zeta-Jones. And never get invited to another one of his parties again.

Though I suppose if we feel uncomfortable and out of place, we wouldn't be all that heartbroken over it anyway.


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